There’s many reasons for trying to get public IP address or even Mac address, one of the most popular case is you may want to block a user from using your app. For this purpose we will a packing provided by expo team called Network

Expo Network

This package provides you very…

Every developer has his own preferences about fonts, or you style need specific font. Today I will show to add fonts to your app, Changing fonts in react native expo is something easy to do and will not take you time.

First Step

We have create a folder called fonts inside assets…

Being a Software Engineer and frequently working with code, its important to make your environment easy to work with. In this article I will share the best extensions to use on VSC that I personally utilize for successful projects.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

Working with thousands of lines of code and nested objects and…

As software Engineer always looking for tools to make my job easy and fun, in this blog I will show you the most useful Google Chrome extensions that will makes you job easy and enjoyable.


All of use read resources to understand new Technologies, so we spend most of our…

As you may know react is the most popular and used Library out there right now, as react community grow as more packages created to help different purposes. In this article we focus on the most popular Ui libraries out there

Ant Design

This Library is my favorite personally. This Library is…

Soufiane Oucherrou

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